Fiscally Ready Communities: Capital Asset Management and Planning

Is your local government fiscally healthy? This webinar presented by MSU Extension and the Michigan Department of Treasury will cover the fundamentals of capital asset management and planning.  

Who should attend:

Elected and appointed officials in local government, administrators, and staff.

This webinar is geared toward appointed and elected officials with entry and intermediate budgeting knowledge.

What will be covered:

Michigan communities have experienced fiscal instability for a number of reasons. This webinar will help you prepare for future challenges through fiscally sustainable best practices.

Recurring annual expenses are fairly simple to budget, but repair and replacement of big-ticket items can be much more difficult. A Capital Improvement Program (CIP) will help your local government organize those major projects and forecast the expenses to make long-term planning simpler. This session will cover the basics of a CIP, best practices, and give participants a chance to share techniques that have worked for their community, as well as policies, procedures, and accounting for capital asset management and planning.

 What resources will be provided?

  • Detailed guides that outline strong policies and procedures each local government should have. These guides include a checklist to track what your local government already has, what you are working on and next steps. 

Cost: Free

This program is supported by a partnership between MSU Extension and the Michigan Department of Treasury

Webinar Date:

  • June 14, 2022 - 10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. ET

Fiscally Ready Communities
The Fiscally Ready Communities program was created to assist communities that want to establish, measure, and maintain policies to increase operational and financial effectiveness and safeguards. This partnership between MSU Extension and the Michigan Department of Treasury helps local governments work towards fiscal health by sharing best practices in fiscal sustainability. There are currently four webinars that are part of the Fiscally Ready Communities program.


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Contact Information

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