Evenings in the Garden 2022

Evenings in the Garden - Spring 2022 - Hybrid series

Evenings in the Garden is a lecture series on a wide range of gardening and environmental topics hosted by regional experts. 

Thursdays, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. ET, *except where noted.
Virtual sessions via Zoom invitation available with registration.
In-person sessions at MSU Tollgate Farm 28115 Meadowbrook Rd. Novi, Mi. 
Preregistration required. 

*SATURDAY, March 26, 1 - 3 p.m. - Janet Macunovich - Enduring Perennials ($25.00) **IN-PERSON PRESENTATION ONLY     

Planted once, enjoyed for years. Learn tricks to grow them: preparing the bed; choosing perennials for particular sites; what to buy, where; displaying them beautifully; adapting standard maintenance to perennials; special maintenance - dividing, winterizing. For someone who already knows the fundamentals of gardening and wants to learn techniques that apply especially to perennials. This class will be equal parts classroom presentation and outdoor demonstration. 

Janet Macunovich is a professional gardener, author and educator who has been designing, planting and maintaining gardens and landscapes for nearly 40 years. Janet's horticultural training includes extensive coursework at botanical gardens and colleges. Since 1989 she has authored nine books, developed and presented seminars and workshops, hosted radio shows and written weekly gardening columns that have helped gardeners in the U.S., Canada, England, Europe and Brazil. 

Registrants recommended to bring gloves and a stout sharp knife, root saw or other tool they would use for cutting up a perennial clump after it is out of the ground and as always, come dressed for the weather. 

March 31 - Dr. Nate Walton - Smart Gardening to Keep Pests Manageable ($15.00) **WEBINAR PRESENTATION ONLY                             

Garden pests eat our fruits and veggies, ruin our flowers, and sometimes are just plain gross! Fortunately, they are not very smart. By learning about their life cycles, behaviors, and natural enemies, you can implement tactics in your garden to outsmart these pesky critters. In this presentation you will learn the basics of pest scouting as well as choice and timing of smart pest management tactics. You will learn specific examples for some of the most common garden pests in Michigan in addition to general concepts that will be applicable to a variety of undesirable situations.

Dr. Nate is an MSU Extension Consumer Horticulture Educator based in Leelanau County. He has a PhD in Entomology from Michigan State University and teaches local residents about insects, pest management, and environmentally friendly gardening.

April 14 - Alexander Ball, Old City Acres Farm - Organic Vegetable Gardening Year-Round ($15.00) **WEBINAR PRESENTATION ONLY

Alex Ball is the Owner of Old City Acres, an organic year-round vegetable farm in Belleville, Mi (Wayne County). Beyond farming, he works on multiple local boards and coalitions increasing food and land access to folks in Michigan. With over ten-years of experience, Alex is a wealth of information on choosing the right seeds, when to plant, garden maintenance, and harvest timing.

Old City Acres currently grows year-round, operating their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) 12 months of the year from a combination of outdoor fields and unheated greenhouses. Additionally offering goods such as honey and eggs from local partner farms.

Join Alex for a discussion on planning your garden for year-round harvest. 

May 12 - Beth Clawson - Attracting Wildlife with Backyard Water Features ($25.00) **IN-PERSON PRESENTATION ONLY

Water features in your garden are more than something pretty to look at or fountain to hear. They can mean a survival oasis for the tiniest of beneficial creatures. Please join us as we explore the world of water features for gardens and wildlife.

A Michigan State University Extension Educator since April 2001, Beth educates and consults in Natural resources, water quality and sustainability. Beth received her Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources from Grand Valley State University with a minor in Environmental Studies from Western Michigan University, and her Master of Science in Business Administration from Central Michigan University. She is currently State Coordinator of the Michigan Master Naturalist program; and supporting the Michigan Conservation Stewards program locally. Beth also serves to locally coordinate Natural Shorelines Landscaping and Septic System (onsite wastewater treatment) maintenance education for homeowners’ programs.


Michigan State University is committed to providing equal opportunity for participation in all programs, services and activities. Accommodations for persons with disabilities may be requested by contacting the event contact two weeks prior to the start of the event. Requests received after this date will be honored whenever possible.

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