What's That? Christmas Tree Pest Management Webinar Series

Feb. 8, 15, 22, and 29, 2024
12:30 to 2 p.m. ET

Successful pest management is vital for growing quality Christmas trees. There are many pests that can cause damage during a tree rotation. Identifying, quantifying, and determining the best course of action for pest management can be challenging. Incorrect decisions can result in inadequate control and create additional secondary pest populations. Watch Christmas tree experts from across the country discuss management practices to successfully control pests in Christmas tree production. Topics will include Integrated Pest Management, aphids, adelgids, and disease control.

There is no cost to attend this webinar, however registration is required. RUP credits will available for some states.


  • Feb 8th: Integrated Pest Management 101
Erin Lizotte, Michigan State University Extension Integrated Pest Management Coordinator and Senior Statewide Educator
Join us for a revealing discussion on the history of IPM, a primer on the guiding tenants, a review of university resources and a look into the future.

  • Feb 15th: Aphid Management in Christmas Tree Production
Dr. Richard Cowles, Agricultural Scientist of The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
Dr. Cowles will provide an overview of aphid pests in Christmas tree production, their life cycle, damage, scouting, and control measures.

  • Feb 22nd: Balsam Wooly Adelgid and Christmas trees in Michigan
Dr. Deborah McCullough, Michigan State University Professor, Forest Entomology
Balsam wooly adelgid (BWA) is a serious invasive insect pest that has killed millions of native fir trees in other regions of the US.  It was detected in Michigan in 2023. This presentation will provide information on the life cycle of BWA, impacts of BWA observed in other states, and potential control options for Christmas tree growers in Michigan.

  • Feb 29th: Root Rots, Needle Casts, and Christmas Trees
Dr. Gary Chastagner Washington State University Plant Pathologist / Extension Specialist
Dr. Chastagner will discuss root rot and needle cast diseases of Christmas trees, their life cycle, damage, and control measures.

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