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Virtual 2021 Northwest Michigan Orchard and Vineyard Show

Please join us for the Virtual 2021 NW MI Orchard and Vineyard Show that will include cherry and wine grape educational sessions as well as time for industry meetings and reports. The webinars are free of charge and will be held on the mornings of January 19-21, 2021. This meeting is coordinated in collaboration with the Grand Traverse Fruit Growers’ Council, Parallel 45, Michigan Wine Collaborative, the Cherry Marketing Institute, and MSU Extension and AgBioResearch. 

Registration is free of charge and required to attend as well as to receive MDARD Pesticide Applicator Certification credits. To receive credits, you must provide your applicator number on this registration form. Registration closes at 11:59 p.m. on Jan. 18, 2021. Participants will receive a Zoom link via email the morning of the scheduled webinar. 

Tuesday, January 19 Educational Session 

Cherry Educational Session

8-8:10 a.m. EST     Welcome and Update from the Grand Traverse Fruit Growers’ Council 
                             Grand Traverse Fruit Growers’ Council Representative 

8:10-8:20  a.m. EST   Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program Update  
                                 Lauren Silver, MAEAP Grand Traverse and Antrim County 
                                 Parker Ameel, MAEAP Leelanau and Benzie County 

8:20-8:40 a.m. EST    Breeding high quality disease resistant tart cherry varieties and rootstocks
                                 Dr. Amy Iezzoni, Dept. Horticulture, MSU  

8:40-9 a.m. EST    Tart and sweet cherry orchard systems that optimize labor efficiency, production consistency, and fruit quality
                            Dr. Gregory Lang, Dept. Horticulture, MSU 

9-9:20 a.m. EST    Biocontrol agents for managing bacterial canker in MI cherry orchards 
                            Tammy Wilkinson, Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistant, Dept. Horticulture, MSU 

9:20-9:40 a.m. EST   Isolation and analysis of bacteriophage targeting the bacterial canker pathogen Pseudomonas syringae: potential for biocontrol
Dr. George Sundin, Dept. Plant, Soil, Microbial Ecology, MSU 

9:40-10 a.m. EST  SDHI fungicide sensitivity in the American brown rot pathogen Monilinia fructicola and fungicide evaluations for brown rot and cherry leaf spot management 
                            Dr. George Sundin, Dept. Plant, Soil, Microbial Ecology, MSU 

10-10:15 a.m. EST  Break, Transition to Grape Session

Grape Educational Session 

10:15-11:15 a.m. EST  Chemistry of Storing Wines in Cans
                                   Dr. Gavin Sacks, Food Science, Cornell University  

11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m. EST   Grapevine Trunk Diseases: What are they? Why should we care? How can we manage them?
                                            Dr. José Ramón Úrbez-Torres, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada  

, January 20 – Educational Session 

Cherry Educational Session 

8-8:20 a.m. EST    Further investigation of hand-applied mating disruption for San Jose scale in sweet cherry
                            Emily Pochubay, MSU Extension 

8:20-8:40 a.m. EST    Optimized placement for winter-morphed spotted wing Drosophila monitoring traps
                                 Dr. Matthew Grieshop, Dept. Entomology, MSU 

8:40-9 a.m. EST    Monitoring and management of spotted wing drosophila in MI cherries
                            Dr. Larry Gut, Dept. Entomology, MSU 

9-9:20 a.m. EST    Verifying the prototype risk model for spotted wing drosophila (SWD) in MI tart cherry
                             Dr. Nikki Rothwell, MSU Extension and AgBioResearch 

9:20-9:40 a.m. EST    Residue decline study for Bifenthrin on cherries
                                 Dr. John Wise, Dept. Entomology, MSU 

9:40-9:55 a.m. EST    What’s new at Enviroweather
                                 Dr. Keith Mason, Enviro-weather coordinator 

9:55-10:15 a.m. EST   Tree fruit credits, Transition to Grape Session

Grape Educational Session

10:15-11:05 a.m. EST.   Mobile & Web App for Vineyard Pesticide Management: Demonstration and Feedback
                                        Dr. Dennis Phillips, Dept. Computer Science and Engineering, MSU
                                        Dr. Cara Robison, Dept. Animal Science, MSU

11:05-11:30 a.m. EST   
Cultural and biological control methods of critical diseases in Michigan vineyards
                                        Dr. Tim Miles, Dept. Plant, Soil, Microbial Ecology, MSU 

11:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m. EST   Parallel 45 Annual Meeting 
                                            Andy Fles, President 

Thursday, January 21 – Industry Reporting Sessions/Annual Meetings 

8-8:20 a.m. EST  National Cherry Festival Report to the Industry
Susan Wilcox-Olsen and Kat Paye, National Cherry Festival 

8:20-8:40 a.m. EST 
  Weber Shandwick Team: Recap & Results of the 2019/20 industry promotion program
                                     Michael Wehman, Carolyn Westcomb, Erin Minoff, and Janet Helm, Weber Shandwick Company

8:40-9 a.m. EST
    Cherry Marketing Institute Export Update 
                                Julie Gordon, CMI President

9-9:05 a.m. EST

9:05-9:30 a.m. EST    Weber Shandwick Team: A look at the 2020/21 promotion platform 
                                      Michael Wehman, Carolyn Westcomb, Erin Minoff, and Janet Helm, Weber Shandwick Company

9:30-9:45 a.m. EST    Cherry Marketing Institute Grower Relation Update
                                      Kyle Harris, CMI Grower Relation Director

9:45-10:10 a.m. EST   Cherry Marketing Institute Annual Program Update
                                      Julie Gordon, CMI President 

10:10-10:15 a.m. EST    Break

10:15 -11 a.m. EST   Michigan Wine Collaborative Annual Meeting 
                                       Dave Miller, President  


Michigan State University is committed to providing equal opportunity for participation in all programs, services and activities. Accommodations for persons with disabilities may be requested by contacting the event contact two weeks prior to the start of the event. Requests received after this date will be honored whenever possible.

Contact Information

For information contact Jenn Zelinski ( at 231-313-8376 or Emily Pochubay ( at 810-241-2481.