Fall Packaging Courses

Please check out the available courses being offered Fall 2023.

All courses are online, asynchronous (some with optional office hours), and include a signed and sealed certificate of completion from the MSU School of Packaging.
Additional information on the courses, including learning outcomes can be found at www.canr.msu.edu/packaging/learn-collaborate.

Advanced Packaging Sustainability
This advanced and applicable course covers the drivers and design guidelines, advances in plastic recycling, emerging trends and academic research in sustainable packaging.
Cost: $1,000 for 1 student, $1,600 for 2 students

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Packaging
This comprehensive course has been meticulously crafted for packaging professionals who seek to enhance their expertise in the rapidly evolving fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). It aims to equip attendees with a fundamental understanding of the key concepts, tools, and techniques associated with these advanced technologies.
Cost: $995 for student

Automotive and Returnable Packaging Online Workshop for Industry Professionals
This course is an overview of the principles of automotive packaging. Students will learn about the history of automotive, gain an understanding of manufacturing processes for vehicles and the production flow. The connection between automotive assembly and the role and use of packaging for vehicle parts will be discussed. Students will learn the various types of containers used, the role of suppliers, and how automotive packaging is designed, selected, and maintained during its life cycle. The course will address the importance of program management and the involvement of the packaging team in design, cost justification, purchase, and use. Additionally, students will learn about the transition from widespread corrugated packaging to an industry-wide standard of returnable containers.
Cost: $1,995 for student

Online Packaging Basics for Industry Professionals
This course is a fast yet self-paced short course that mimics our beloved PKG 101 course for all majors at MSU. The course includes bi-weekly meetings to discuss content, make connections to real applications and discuss any questions students might have. Each of the 6 modules has a reflection activity to synthesize the material and work through the content to grow in your new knowledge and apply it to your experiences thus far in your career. Students that have taken this course previously have gained knowledge that allows them to communicate more effectively and confidently with their supplier networks and internal technical teams. The course is ~3-4 hours worth of reading, recorded videos, supplemental support activities and learning exercises guided by experienced professional and instructor each week, for 6 weeks. 
Cost: $1,995 for student

Package Design Software for Industry Professionals
Online asynchronous course for industry professionals focused on learning packaging design software. The course includes remote software access for 6 weeks, as well as guided assignments to practice new knowledge and create your own package design portfolio and office hours with the professor. Software used during the course includes: ArtiosCad, Studio Toolkit, Store Visualizer, Cape pack, Illustrator, SolidWorks and Best Load.
Cost: $1,995 for student

Packaging Materials Sustainability and Recycling: Fundamental Course
The course will help learners to understand packaging materials (plastic, wood, paper, glass, metals) sustainability issues, regulations, and potential solutions better and includes office hours with Dr. Muhammad Rabnawaz. Studens will gain knowledge to make data-driven choices when it comes to packaging sustainability, and understand advances in plastic recycling and leverage them in the decision-making process for your company to meet the upcoming recycling regulations.
Cost: $800 for 1 student, $1,400 for 2 students

Registration for Fall Packaging Courses is open.

Registration closes at 11:59 p.m. ET on December 10, 2023.


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