April 16, 2019
8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Kellogg Biological Station
3700 East Gull Lake Dr.
Hickory Corners, MI 49060

KBS K-12 Partnership spring workshop for teacher professional development in science teaching! Learn more about the KBS K-12 Partnership at http://www.kbs.msu.edu/education/k-12/.


Plenary: Dr. Jen Owen, Michigan State University, Associate Professor in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. Topic: Avian health and disease ecology. Dr. Owen runs the Michigan State Bird Observatory which includes banding stations at two locations.

Workshop sessions will feature presentations by MSU scientists and provide ideas for all grade levels. Highlights include: 

  • Use real datasets from the Kellogg Biological Station to teach ecology and statistics in the classroom
  • Learn how to talk about evolution with K-12 students  
  • Discuss long-term research and why it is important
  • Garden-based learning at school and in your community

Costs: Program is FREE. Sub costs will be reimbursed for workshop participants. One form per school building/district. Sub-cost reimbursement forms here. Please return the form with an INVOICE from your school district. Invoice must include the name of the teacher, name of the sub and the pay rate. Email (karahaas@msu.edu) or mail to Kara Haas, KBS, 3700 East Gull Lake Drive, Hickory Corners, MI 49060. 

SCECHs TBD (likely 6)

The KBS K-12 Partnership is a joint effort among KBS scientists, MSU College of Education faculty, and science teachers and administrators in southwest Michigan school districts. Since 1999 the partnership has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, including awards from the Long-Term Ecological Research Program (DEB), the Teacher Retention and Renewal Program (EHR), awards from the NSF GK-12 Program (EHR), and the NSF Math and Science Partnership. The partnership provides teachers in-depth exposure to research topics in environmental science and training to teach inquiry-based science at the elementary and secondary levels.

Major elements of the KBS K-12 Partnership program are:

  • Professional development opportunities for teachers and graduate student fellows that focus on providing inquiry-based approaches to learning about and effectively teaching science in the K-12 classroom.

  • Providing opportunities for K-12 teachers in other programs at KBS and MSU; including serving as mentor teachers for undergraduates studying to be teachers and Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) positions in faculty labs.

  • Creating new opportunities for K-12 teachers and MSU faculty and students to work together to deepen and improve the way science is taught and communicated in our community
Coordinated by Sean Griffin and Meredith Zettlemoyer, KBS Science Education and Outreach Fellows 2018-19

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Michigan State University is committed to providing equal opportunity for participation in all programs, services and activities. Accommodations for persons with disabilities may be requested by contacting the event contact two weeks prior to the start of the event. Requests received after this date will be honored whenever possible.

Contact Information

For information contact karahaas@msu.edu or 269-671-2360.