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2020 Equity within the Classroom Conference

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We are seeking abstracts that address one, two or all three topics related to Access, Affordability and College Completion (AACC).  We will consider podium, poster and panel presentation.

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Due to the high cost of AV equipment rentals, we can only guarantee an LCD projector and screen. The hotel will have internet access available, but presenters should consider how higher levels of hotel patron usage may impact aspects of your application, for example, playing a video via streaming through the internet. Presenters are strongly encouraged to ensure a smooth presentation by making sure it is possible to download videos and similar media directly onto their laptop. If you have additional audiovisual needs for your proposal, please indicate them here. Although we cannot guarantee being able to provide them, we will do our best to ensure you have the necessary support for a smooth presentation.

In all cases, presenters are responsible for providing a computer for their presentation.
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For more information contact Hilda Mejia Abreu at abreu@msu.edu, or ANR Event Services at events@anr.msu.edu or 517-353-3175.