Great Lakes Education Program

Great Lakes Education Program

Wayne Teacher Registration for Spring GLEP

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Payment Information
This section outlines the payment information for the program. The full cost of the program is $860. This cost however, may be offset by available scholarships/particpant support. Once the reservation is reviewed you will be contacted regarding the submission to confirm the date, time and final cost of the program. Once contacted, an invoice will be generated and emailed to the responsible contact. Payment will be due prior to your scheduled trip date(s). After completing the reservation a final invoice will be sent. Scholarships/participant support is only available to third, fourth and fifth grade classes. Amounts available may vary and is not guaranteed. All teachers receiving the MSU Extension/Michigan Sea Grant/Walker Family scholarship(s)/participant support fees agree to: 1. Teach the lessons Invader Species of the Great Lakes and Making Great Lakes Connections prior to your cruise date. 2. Teach two additional lessons of your choosing at any time this school year. 3. Complete the online Teacher Evaluation. 4. Return the Student Evaluation Forms.
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Bus rates will be supplied upon quote for costs.
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Contact Information

For Wayne County information please contact Sharon Schneider at 586-466-8700 or, Justin Selden at 586-469-7139 or,  or

For Macomb County information please contact Sharon Schneider at 586-466-8700 or, Justin Selden at 586-469-7139 or, or